Ischia – Procida

Morning departure from Marina Grande. Arrival on Ischia expected after about 50 minutes by sea, landing at the picturesque village of Sant’Angelo with a stop on the Maronti beach, whose fumaroles (in areas of the beach where the sand is boiling hot) tell the tale of the island’s volcanic origins.

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The Ischia tour ends at Ischia Ponte: a long bridge which connects Ischia to the tiny island which is home to the perfectly well-preserved and accessible Aragonese Castle. After getting back on board, we go on to Procida, the smallest Island in the Gulf of Naples. Procida has a distinctive feel to it an island of fishermen where time seems to have stood still in its picturesque villages of “La Torricella” and “La Chiaiolella”.

After the enjoyable trip over to Procida, we head back to Capri, landing in Marina Grande after a 50-minute ride.

Watercraft: speed boat.
Excursion Time: one day.