Capri island

The tour of the Island begins in Marina Grande. On leaving the harbour heading West towards “Palazzo a Mare”, one of the twelve roman villas built by the Emperor Tiberius, it brings you to the famous Blue Grotto along a coastline dotted with other small, picturesque caves such as “Grotta dello Sbruffo”, a grotto in the shape of donkey’s ears. To visit the Blue Grotto, one has to then get in a smaller rowing boat and buy an entrance ticket.

The tour carries on alongside the rocky shoreline of Anacapri with its beautiful villas, sighting the roman forts situated along the coastline and viewing the incomparable sunset that one can only see from the western side of the island.

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Coming round the light house of Punta Carena (the second most important lighthouse in Italy, third in Europe) we head South along the part of the island having cliffs with a sheer drop into the sea. It offers visitors a truly unique natural landscape, heightened even more by the presence of other picturesque grottoes named after legends or anecdotes, or after the particular shape of the rock. Among these are the “Saints’ Grotto” and the “Green Grotto” , which you can swim through to the other side, in its emerald-coloured water an ideal place to enjoy a dip in the sea.

Back on board, enjoy a few moments of relaxation lying out on our comfortable sunbeds with a glimpse of the Faraglioni Rocks in the distance. After snapping the customary photo shots, we approach Marina Piccola and its well-equipped seaside resorts. Further on, the centre of the town Capri can be seen overlooking the Faraglioni rocks. Heading East: Leaving the bay of Marina Piccola, going through the Faraglioni and passing the House of Malaparte, the famous writer’s residence, we will reach the Natural Arch and the “White Grotto”, one of whose stalagmites resembles the Virgin Mary. The tour ends with a wave to the statue of the “Scugnizzo”, lucky mascot of our fair Island.

Watercraft: speed boat or traditional wooden motorboat.
Excursion Time: 1 hour by speed boat, 2 hours by gozzo