Island tour of Capri: caves, Faraglioni and breathtaking views

The island tour of Capri by sea is a popular excursion that allows you to see some of the island’s most famous natural wonders. Places to see typically include the Blue Grotto, known for its intense blue color and lights that illuminate the cave from within; the Green Grotto, known for its emerald green color; the White Grotto, characterized by its white calcite walls that reflect sunlight creating a suggestive atmosphere; the Faraglioni, three imposing rocks that rise from the sea and are one of Capri’s most famous icons; Marina Piccola, a small bay located in the southwest of the island known for its natural beauty and being an anchorage area for luxury boats and yachts. Marina Piccola is a popular destination for boat trips, both for the beauty of the bay itself and for the possibility of swimming in the crystal clear waters. In addition, there are several restaurants and bars along the bay where you can taste typical Mediterranean cuisine and admire the view of the island. The Grotta dei Santi is a cave located on the island of Capri, known for its natural beauty and its religious history. The cave is characterized by stalactites and stalagmites, which create a magical atmosphere inside. Other famous places to see are Punta Carena, a lighthouse located on the southwest tip of the island, known for its panoramic views of the coast and the cave below, and Anacapri, a town located on top of the island, famous for its peaceful life, craft shops and panoramic view from the Terrazza degli Dei.

Watercraft: speed boat or traditional wooden motorboat.
Excursion Time: 1 hour by speed boat, 2 hours by gozzo